Fox Golf Club Fun Tips – The Best Mini Putt Near Me

How many times have you sworn “I am going to give up playing golf at this mini putt near me?” Or perhaps a fit of rage that you had while playing golf wrecked an otherwise great and enjoyable day for you. We’ve all been in that situation. Most likely on multiple occasions, and most likely on multiple occasions during the same game of golf.

In spite of everything that is taking place in the world at the moment, there is one unchanging and reassuring aspect of life that we can all agree upon: Golf Is Fun. At Fox Golf Club, as well as other mini golf Toronto clubs, one of the primary objectives is to ensure that each round is at least as enjoyable as the one that came before it. We have compiled a fast list of several techniques the club lets you have more fun when playing golf, and we hope you find it useful.

Fox Club

Team Up

No matter what your skill level is as a golfer, competing against your pals is a large part of what makes the game so enjoyable. And Fox Golf Club – the best mini putt near me – grants this opportunity! To add some variety to the situation, you could split your foursome into two teams of two each and compete against one another as a paid team rather than playing individually, even if you are playing at the best mini golf Toronto club.

Due to the fact that golf is traditionally an isolated sport, participating in it as part of a group makes it more enjoyable because you are cheering for other people in addition to yourself. Assist your playing partner in reading the lies, offer them guidance on which club to swing, and have someone to congratulate you on an outstanding shot when you make it. When you play with the same four people every weekend, teaming up makes things considerably more entertaining than they would be otherwise.

Make Friendly Wagers

It is usually a good idea to put a little bit of money on a round with your friends because this is an excellent way to get the competitive juices flowing a bit. On the other hand, we like to keep things interesting and include some variety in the bets that we place. The following is a list of some of the many various types of fun bets that we have done in the past at Fox Golf Club, the mini putt near me, not all of which include money:

  • The player who finishes in last place must play the entire next hole with their pitching wedge. The player who finishes closest to the pin or farthest from it must down a beer before moving on to the next hole.
  • The player who finished in last place gets to select and remove one club from the winner’s bag before moving on to the following hole.
  • The player with the best score at the turn and the worse score on the ninth hole is required to buy a round at the turn. The competitor who comes in last downs a beer before moving on to the next hole.
  • $10 (5, 20…) per hole.

Have a Putting Championship

The majority of novice golfers are under the impression that putting takes up less than forty percent of their total strokes when playing the game. Therefore, why not make it into a contest of some kind? We did that at the mini putt near me and are happy to share our experience.


Maintain a tally of how many putts you take on each hole, and at the conclusion of each game, crown a winner of the Putting Championship. This adds a healthy dose of friendly competition to your round, and if you and your playing partners do it often enough, it will surely assist you in lowering your overall score by allowing you to shift your emphasis to making putts with fewer than three strokes rather than those requiring three.

Tee It Up

We are well aware that you are capable of hitting your driver 300 yards, so why on earth wouldn’t you play from the Tips, which is where the professionals play? Try playing a round of golf with your friends where you all play from a tee box that is one or more levels higher than you are accustomed to using. This might be an enjoyable method to obtain a new perspective on a course that you play on a regular basis, which is exactly what happened at the mini putt near me at Fox Golf Club.

Tee Times

When you take your approach shot, perhaps you are only positioned 100 yards away instead of 150 yards out. Perhaps there will even be times when you are able to take the lead! We are not suggesting that you play here for every round from this point forward, but it is a fun way to vary up the game a little bit, and it will give you a little boost of confidence when you end your round 10 strokes lower than usual.

Put Some Swing Into Your Golf Swag

Since its inception at The Old Course in 1764, golf has been infamous for having some of the craziest and most absurd attire in the history of the sport. We are of the opinion that it is the responsibility of every golfer to uphold these time-honored customs. You are in luck because there are many options available to you these days that will assist you in doing so without the requirement of knickerbockers and argyle socks.

Although the best mini golf Toronto offers a wide variety of options from which to choose, they do not offer an excessive number of them because they do not want to appear greedy. There are a lot of different options available today from a variety of different brands that will allow you to play golf with style. Regardless of the option you pick, be sure to give it some flair! Try holding a weekly competition to see who in your foursome can look the best dressed.

We really hope that you found our list of the ways to have more fun on the golf course from the best mini putt near me to be both informative and entertaining. We tried to combine some tried-and-true methods with some novel approaches that you might not have used previously. In any case, whatever it is that you choose to do while you’re outside, just keep in mind to enjoy yourself at some of the best mini golf Toronto clubs. Even a horrible day on the golf course is difficult to top, but we hope that by following some of these pointers, you will be able to experience less and fewer of those days in the future.